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Satellite phone jammer-Iridium and Radio Astronomy Blocker

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Satellite phone jammer

Hand held Satellite phone jammerIridium and Radio Astronomy Blocker for 10~30M rage

Frequency is for Iridium and Radio Astronomy
1610.6 – 1613.8 MHz 1621.35-1626.5 MHz
Output is 2.4W each bands 0.8W
Jamming range is 10~30M
Battery working 4~5 hours 7800mha
warranty is 24 months

Package include:
1 jammer
3 pcs antennas
1 car power adapter
1 110~240V AC adapter

Lojack jammer 3


what is Iridium Satellite LLC phones frequency?

Iridium and Radio Astronomy in the band 1610.6 – 1613.8 MHz
uplink (system frequencies)
1616.0 – 1626.5 MHz
downlink (licensed frequencies)
1621.35-1626.5 MHz 

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How to make a discount on Taobao Amoy powder it official home – scouring powder it Official website

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Everyone loves shopping on Taobao has a regret, it is the product Taobao are blatantly, are generally not negotiable, unless the seller organizing promotions, are generally not a penny less. This allows users accustomed to thrift some small tangle, not only feel no concessions, and also less interesting bargain. May we continue to regret the time, a strange and know the names of. With high rebates, high-profile, high reputation and not freebee popular trails in the network.

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Taobao rebate?

In order to make a broad consumers to quickly know the official home of scouring powder it cost method, the author conducted its official interviewed, he introduced to, scouring powder it official home of the name meaning “should be praised,” follow “good stuff, scouring powder given it official home, “the company philosophy, an attempt to show the most boast Jiao things now before the world, people who benefit.

The official home scouring powder it is a net purchase something, scouring powder, right now a registered member of the official home page, find products on Taobao, will be copied to the scouring powder products address it at the official home to find the rebate, you can get rated rebate. Process: the user to scouring powder it Official Home Register – & gt; & gt; to Taobao and other sites registered under a single – & gt; & gt; business feedback commission money to scouring powder it official home – & gt; & gt; scouring powder it official home again The commission bonus money back to the user. The whole process is very simple and easy to operate.
Amoy certainly expect more cheap stuff better, scouring powder, made it official home page is to help you bargain Taobao blatantly basis, then return back the money right back to scouring powder official home users, allowing users to online shopping more affordable fun.
You do not have to worry businesses rebate is limited, scouring powder, it has been the official home of the current reached a strategic partnership with a number of online shopping companies, online shopping platform extends to hundreds of companies, such as group Tesco, where customers, the way cattle travel network, etc., are the industry’s leading brands,Iphone LCD, can be satisfied with our abundant shopping needs. Of course, because Taobao customers the most, so it is now scouring powder official home mainly for Taobao, Taobao users love blessed, since you can save a lot of money!

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basis for changing the mall, scouring powder it official home to serve a lot of other features, such as exchange points, points accumulated can certainly amount to be charged after Q coins and other charges. Report daily collar set points Po, now implementing a useful user 8 yuan reward.
For those who take care of doubt, scouring powder, it has also made aware of the official release page, such as how to ensure the procurement of treasures have rebates can be Taobao Product address on scouring powder paste to it at the official home to find the rebate check that, if there are rebates products will be displayed. If there is no rebate products, generally can not find.
Miss Bai Linglin scouring powder, it is the official home of loyal users, scouring powder it official home birth soon joined, since she loved on Taobao shopping, saving money but also thousands of pieces of figure. “Scouring powder it official home very affordable, each rebate money, though not much, but add up, for people to live, is a good place!”
Internet industry from a professional point of view must be a luk scouring powder it official home page of the form, called a great career, can be derived from the transaction is very rich, and take the form of cooperation with the reputation of roads and lines, to maximize policy attracted users, the most crucial thing is to rely on to find out from the predicament, ” The form of both novel and pledge allegiance to the user experience is truly the first place, I have always valued and optimistic about it! “

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Scouring powder right into online shopping rebate Home Official 2014 darling – scouring powder it Of

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shopping guide and rebate is nothing new! Brothers often online shopping has been accustomed to this form, such as shopping guide website says to visit the beautiful treasures,cell phone booster, looking for since a favorite treasure, then imitation shopping links to get the rebate rebate shopping sites, in order to obtain concessions. “If can be done directly on a website picked treasures, get the rebate offer, it would be great!” Netizens Miss Yin said in the forum. According to the survey really much, despite the current site to make shopping guide and rebate numerous rife, but the real satisfaction of consumers can save money and peace of mind, which is the country’s first induction-type shopping guide channel rebate – rebate network widespread reason . http://bloqueador.ctstechnologys.com/multiple-regulable-bloqueador-ai008120.html

one-stop shopping guide rebate network

scouring powder bar rebate network current, well done shopping guide network, such as beauty, said mushroom Street only straight women’s professional class shopping guide, although women are one of the big categories Taobao shopping, but far less satisfied with online shopping family shopping needs; and get together rebate network users can only supply a brief rebates and special offers, there is no condition to do so on shopping guide and community functions, and more peace of mind can not be satisfied with the family of online shopping worry multiple needs.

scouring powder bar rebate network set up on the basis of this you need to create the nation’s largest network of induction-type shopping guide rebates, scouring powder it completed rebate network users a one-stop shopping guide, rebate hope. Reporters found scouring powder bar rebate rebate shopping guide network covering 14 major occupational categories of products, more than 98% of products are almost rebates, cash back credit of up to 65%, ranking the career list. Person in charge of its Web site, scouring powder bar rebate network according to “fine Buckle & middot; money centering” positioning from Taobao Mall Lynx and other products trillion amount screened summarized dynamic scoring, Diansi praise as well as the induction of the indicators, such as high-speed delivery of products, quality is still easy to enter the library, allowing users to choose peace of mind, buy satisfaction.

The safest worry rebate form

rebate career burst increase of non-performing businesses will inevitably render fish in troubled waters, they detonated high rebates user eye, and even shouted 100% rebate of false advertising, but ultimately deceive users cash back “on foot”, net of rebates integrity and security is undoubtedly the most important users.

According to the reporter, in 2014 the head of the line of scouring powder rebate network it has invested hundreds of thousands of funds, unlike high-risk small rebate site, scouring powder, do it thoroughly rebate network user experience and interest list. Scouring powder it together as a five-year rebate network Internet projects accumulated experience of innovation move, relying on the user base B2B website woo business network, and an on-line has a more than 300 million active users, these electric providers through sophisticated user Amoy pink bar rebate network to carry out pre-transfer laid the foundation and reputation, won the opportunity to carry out a one-stop shopping guide rebate network.
use scouring powder, right now the most cost rebate network

line user feedback on the rebate network celebration! Where the new user registration, initial log can get five yuan coupons together also enjoy a daily log on, pick up the money discount day, a series of concessions to log more than 10 days can be turned 10 times. According to insiders leak, scouring powder, right next rebate network will be launched along with several large-scale special offers, such as coupons directly to 0 yuan redemption wanton products, shipping 9.9 yuan product also rebates, etc. So now begun to use them is undoubtedly the smartest selection. Looking at the domestic market rebate network has reached hundreds of thousands, the proportion of irregularities ranging from cash back, but now scouring powder rebate network because of its location and function of the common advantages of one-stop, was the user’s favorite, more and more Internet users participated in use, it’s become the new darling of online shopping.

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45W 303MHZ 335MHZ 315MHZ 433MHZ 868MH Jammer CTS-BBOX6C

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45W 303MHZ 335MHZ 315MHZ 433MHZ 868MH CTS-BBOX6C


Total Output Power 45W
Jamming Range Radius30~80 meters (Signal>=-80dBm)
Frequency:303MHz/335MHZ/315MHZ/433MHz/868MH all in one
With remotel panel control to adjust each frequency band power freely,315-433-868-jammer.
24*7 long time working
Battery is optional
Easy install in vehicle and jamming all gps gsm tracking machine
It can be customized as the following types either:
1.303MHz/335MHZ/315MHZ/433MHz/868MH all in one
2.GPS L1,GPS L2 ,GPS L5 ,GSM 900 GSM 1800 or CDMA 800 ,CDMA 1900 ,3G 2100 All in one machine
3.433~434 866~868 900 GSM 1800 or CDMA 800 ,CDMA 1900 ,3G 2100 All in one machine
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customize for you.


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433~434 866~868 3GGSMCDMA Signal Jammer CTS-BBOX6A

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433~434 866~868 3G/GSM/CDMA Signal CTS-BBOX6A


Total Output Power 45W
Jamming Range Radius30~80 meters (Signal>=-80dBm)
Frequency:433~434 866~868 900 GSM 1800 or CDMA 800 ,CDMA 1900 ,3G 2100 All in one machine
With remotel panel control to adjust each frequency band power freely.
24*7 long time working
Battery is optional
Easy install in vehicle and jamming all gps gsm tracking machine
It can be customized as the following types either:
1.433~434 866~868 900 GSM 1800 or CDMA 800 ,CDMA 1900 ,3G 2100 All in one machine
2.GPS L1,GPS L2 ,GPS L5 ,GSM 900 GSM 1800 or CDMA 800 ,315-433-868-jammer,CDMA 1900 ,3G 2100 All in one machine
3.303MHz/335MHZ/315MHZ/433MHz/868MH all in one
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customize for you.


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433.92MHz Car remote control jammer blocker

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433.92MHz Car remote control jammer blocker

Products name : dual-frequency wireless rf signal jammer
Working voltage: DC9V battery
Operating current: 100mA
Transmitting frequency: 433,jammer.92MHz
Coverage radius: 50-200 meters
operating temperature – 10 °C ~ +70 °C
Dimension: 127 * 41 * 20 mm

Widely used in car remote controls, car alarm remotes, garage remote controls,
home alarm system remote controls and some other remote controls which is 433.92MHz

Payment and delivery time:
Accepted by Paypal
All store items shipped by HK POST (7-15 days deliver to customers)
All items are shipped within 1-2working days of payment being received.




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433.92MHz and 868MHz remote control car jammer blocker

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Dual-frequency 868MHz/433.92MHz jammer user manual

I :Products details
This product is a high-power dual-frequency radio transmitter. In a certain range, it can shield the same frequency radio signals from cheating by the radio equipment in some occasions so that make the signals failure. Transmitting frequency is set to 868MHz and 433MHz, also we can customize it according to the customer’s frequency need.
II: Specification
operating voltage :DC9V (with external power supply)
operating current:120 mA (single frequency) 240 mA (dual frequency)
operating frequency: 868MHz and 433 MHz
The radius of coverage:50m-100m
dimension :120*90*35mm
1.Press button A, the yellow light is on, the jammer is launching 433.92MHz wireless signal .
2.Press button B, the red light is on, the jammer is launching 868MHz radio signal.
3.Press button C, all three lights are on, the jammer is launching above two types wireless signals the same time.
IV. Important notice
1.The lower right of the jammer is a DC9V/500mA power plug, connect to the power supply,jammer, the red indicator light is on.
2.Pull the ANT1,ANT2,the hands can’t touch the antenna when use it.
3.Use the 433MHz,only need to pull the ANT1.
use the 868MHz,only need to pull the ANT2.
4.Battery-powered,it can jam within 30m frequency of the above two types wireless signal .
External power supply, it can shield within 50m frequency of the above two types wireless signal.




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How to use the software automatically recharge

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Now how many novice shop every day, you know? As long as there is a novice to shop, it is necessary to enhance the credibility, then you have not afraid recharge software market? Now Taobao has become a trend, like Ma said: “You do not do Taobao, five years later you will regret it!” To make money by selling software to recharge, just selling a software, there are 195’s commission, then the cost you 300 software after selling two software can also earn 80 it! (Hint: After you buy the software can be freely re-sold to anyone, can sell how much to sell, there will be limited and then sold to someone else when you do not need to invest an additional cost, so selling a software that is. net profit of 190 to take the Oh! because they have bought the software is to buy a license after you have authorization to sell freely again.

recharge software has two main functions:

1, can quickly increase your credibility, because recharge many people, so much trading volume, also credit increased faster it! (Repeatedly stressed: recharge earns credibility is not to make money, oh, sometimes every few hairs or will lose a bit of money, so if you want to make money by giving others recharge can not be considered a friend, oh!)

2, recharge is how to do it? I would not buy a used how?

A: You just buy a recharge software can begin to do, when I will from your shop, shelves of goods, decoration, publicity and promotion software one-stop guide you throughout the operation. Any time you have any do not understand you can always come to ask me, I was a full-time Taobao, so it will not find my man!

3. Recharge software bought also entered after charging money? How much to charge?

A: want, need to save some of the pre-deposit go to prepare someone to buy your recharge time, the system can be directly deducted from your pre-deposit, this money is in pay between Po and software turn go, so no less Oh!

pre-deposit as long as there are twelve Bai block on it, I usually keep every three to five hundred to go, and did not refill on OK.

4. I just started doing no credibility, someone will come to me to recharge it?

A: Yes, recharge than kind, kind can compare, recharge no comparison, all the same. Just let buyers search to you,jammer, people will come to you this recharge it!

5. How to make buyers search to me, to find my merchandise it, I want to advertise it?

A: First Disclaimer: I do recharge when no publicity and promotion! But I added a consumer protection service! As long as you have uploaded before 7 days to ensure the daily commodity, then after you every day merchandise off the shelf! (Note:! Upload merchandise is to use software to automatically upload, no manual)

Just make sure you every day merchandise off the shelf, then the buyer will naturally search to you! Because the more recent time off the shelf commodity rankings will be more front.

However, the above does not guarantee that you will certainly be seized, because there are some details that you know do not have:

A: more than one day a few shelves of goods, so your chances of people search to some will be big as possible!

B: make good use of window recommended to ensure fast always recommended shelf merchandise!

C: Join Consumer Protection, you need a thousand pieces, if you can not do when you retire!

6. I kind of want to sell later, a shop can also do with the physical recharge it?

A: Yes, no matter what kind you later want to sell, and they can recharge while sales, but also the credibility of the accumulated together! I do together is physical and recharge Oh!

7. Recharge now so many people do, there will be market? Competition is not too big?

A: Yes, people are now doing a lot of recharge, but relatively Chinese population, this ratio but also how much of it? Recharge than kind, the kind you can buy a few months or years, but recharge is everyone in the consumer every month, so afraid there is no market? Like selling clothes and shoes of the people so much, why are so many people still have to sell that it? Are the same reason!

8. I bought a recharge software, and then sold to someone else if you are not still have to spend money to buy a way?

A: The software does not need to use, and recharge software all inputs lifetime as long as 300 yuan, after all will not charge any fee to buy the software is actually an authorization to buy, you have this authorization, and in the future can be sold to other

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Ou Sheng

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& nbsp;

  Professional air / sea reasonable price with the best service / Ou Sheng International Logistics .
  Shenzhen Ou Sheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (Europe Sheng International Logistics), as   NVOCC   The members from the Ministry of Commerce approved a freight forwarding   The company & nbsp ;, the company after years of efforts, has become a powerful integrated logistics service provider  . The main agents of international air, sea and other international logistics services. Please contact me if you need to have, I will be ready for you   Providing advice and knowledge of international logistics services, prices in Division I may not do the lowest market, but security sources and the Division within the ability to do things I would strive to do our best. Oath to do the best agent, turned Miles pass you want, 24 hours for you to solve problems, to become your best partner.

    Best & nbsp; regards .   


    Nick & nbsp; Qin – Business & nbsp; manager & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
    Shenzhen Ou Sheng International Freight Forwarders Ltd.    
Shenzhen & nbsp; Ocean & nbsp; International & nbsp; Logistics & nbsp; Co., Ltd


    Tel: 86-755-88375185 & nbsp; Mob: +86 13689508801 & nbsp;    
QQ: 188605033 & nbsp; skype: ocean.nick1 & nbsp;
    Email    : & nbsp,cell phone booster;     info@oceanszx.com
ADD: Room A312, HuiBaoJiang Building, Minzhi Road, Baoan Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China & nbsp; & nbsp;


    NVOCC: MOC-06267 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; www.oceanszx.com   


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CTS-ML under vehicle search mirror with high quality

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1.Lens Size: 12″
2.Max Rods Length: 42″ to 51″
3.Wheel Qty: tripod ball bearing caster wheels
4,国际海运到菲律宾.Material: Aluminum Rod/ Acrylic Lens
5.Lighting Source: LED Torch


1.Aluminum handles extend from 42″ to 51″
2.12″ Convex Acrylic Mirror
3.Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment
4.Equipped with adjustable torch mount to have the idea light source
5.Has a heavy-duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering
6.Lightweight with adjustable handle
7.Low 3.5″ ground clearance
8.Available with flashlight, rechargeble batteries & charger
9.For indoor or outdoor usage